Your safety is our top priority and we are taking extra precautions against the spread of COVID-19.

We care to provide you an enjoyable and stress-free visit to Sarajevo even during the pandemic. Your health and safety are our top priorities at all times. Therefore, we have adopted new measures which enable us to offer you COVID-free tours. 

Please read the following guidelines prior to taking a tour with us. CulTour reserves right to terminate a tour in case the tour guide or the guest doesn't comply with the following safety guidelines:

  1. Distance - It is obligatory both for the tour guide and visitors to maintain a minimum of 1.5m of distance between each other. CulTour guides use high-quality audio systems that will allow you to hear your guide at all times while maintaining the required distance.

  2. Face masks - All the participants of the tour are required to wear protective face masks. If you don't have one, don't worry - your CulTour guide will gladly provide it for you!

  3. Physical contact - Although we are a nation which loves to kiss and hug every step of the way, please try to refrain from such actions during your tour. Try to avoid touching and handshaking with your guide, other members of the group or random people on the street. Please keep a reasonable distance when taking group photos. 

  4. Signs of illness - In case you feel sick or get a fever prior or during your tour, please immediately inform your tour guide about it. We will try to find the best possible solution for you, so that you can enjoy your tour once you totally recover. In case you notice that your tour guide is sick, please contact us right away. We will inspect the case and give you a 100% refund if we prove the tour guide to have disrespected these safety guidelines.