Sarajevo Yummy Tour

Sarajevo Yummy Tour

Tour description

During this tour you will taste the best bites of Sarajevo and discover the city history through food. There is a reason for the old saying "You are what you eat". Each one of the local dishes hides amazing stories about our history. Therefore, this is not just roaming around the restaurants, but it is an opportunity to taste the history. Did you know that Bosnian kebab, ćevapi, is among top 10 meat dishes in the world according to the Taste Atlas? It is a source of great national pride and the country's favorite dish. Don't worry – our menu covers it all! 

This is a slow-paced walking tour in Sarajevo downtown during which we will visit several most famous places to eat outside and enjoy the exquisite local cuisine. The tour includes 1 appetizer, 3 dishes, 1 traditional non-alcoholic drink, Bosnian coffee/tea and a dessert.

Additional info: Bosnian cuisine is generally known for meat and almost all our traditional dishes include meat. In case you do not eat meat or have specific dietary needs, please inform me at least 7 days prior to our tour, so that I can find the best alternative menu.


City Market Hall known for smoked meat and cheese Old Town Baščaršija

Sweet Corner known for a variety of pastries (Oriental & Western)

Aščinica - traditional small restaurant with Bosnian food

Ćevabdžinica - restaurants specialized in grilled meat

Buregdžinica - authentic restaurant specialized in "pita" (Bosnian pie)

Čajdžinica - a picturesque tearoom in the oldest part of Sarajevo


60 US$/person