Jerusalem of Europe tour

Jerusalem of Europe tour

Tour description

Over centuries Sarajevo has been warm-heartedly welcoming people of different cultures and religions. Thus, the city became known as the Jerusalem of Europe. During this walking tour we will visit 7 different places of worship. Even during the most difficult days for the city, such as the Siege of Sarajevo, these places were testimonies to mutual respect and cooperation among people of different beliefs. They teach us about the past, but they also leave us full of hope for a better future.

During this tour you will find out:
- What are the major religions practiced in Sarajevo?
- Who are the tallest, whitest and most disobedient Muslims of the region?
- Which mosque hides a diamond in its wall?
- Why the Emperor's Mosque is not the central one?
- Why the oldest Sarajevan Orthodox church was built semi-underground?
- Where is the 2nd most important Orthodox museum in Europe?
- Why is the Catholic Cathedral a two-face building?
- What is Jesus showing from the top of the door of Sarajevo Cathedral?
- Why did the Sepharad Jews come to Sarajevo?
- What happened to Sarajevo Hagaddah?
- Why there was no Jewish ghetto in Sarajevo?
- How did the last war change religious demographics of the city?
- Which are the religious minorities of the city?
- What is the Sarajevo Sacred Triangle?


Cathedral of Jesus' Sacred Heart, Old Orthodox Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Ghazi Husrev Bey's mosque, Hanikah (Sufi educational center), Old Jewish Temple, Jedileri (Seven Brothers Tomb), Franciscan Church and Monastery of St. Anthony of Padua

Please keep in mind that we will be entering different places of worship which require modest attire. In general, all the places of worship recommend wearing clothes that cover shoulders and reaches until the knees. For mosque entrances, the tour guide will provide headscarves.

Meeting Point Options: Suggested by Guide: Baščaršija Main Square (also known as the Pigeon Square), next to the Sebilj Fountain. I will be carrying a sign with your name.

Duration: 3 hours

Entrances to places of worship depend on certain factors:
- Mosques are closed for visits during prayer times (5 times per day for 30mins. approximately and on Fridays from 11 to 13:30)
- Synagogues are closed on Saturday
- The Cathedral is open until 6 p.m.
- Churches are closed during funeral masses
- Mosques have a bit different schedule during the month of Ramadan


40$/person (1-2 persons)
38$/person (2-5 persons)
35$/person (more than 5 persons)

The price includes guiding service & all entrance fees.