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Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the 1990s, pictures of war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina appeared in the media all around the world; yet two decades later, the country is enjoying a remarkable revival as a cultural hub and popular traveler destination. Its cities are living museums – testimonies to centuries of history shaped by different Eastern and Western cultural influences.

Having a private guide in one of the most culturally diverse countries in Europe is a particularly moving experience. Together, we will scratch beneath the surface and discover the untold stories, lending you real understanding of what the citizens have endured as well as how past events contributed to development of our character, habits and lifestyle.

It was a beautiful spring morning of 2020. We woke up and… the world that we knew had disappeared. The COVID-19 outbreak locked us down and we had to stay in our homes, away from any social contact. And what a tour guide can do without the smile of his guests, without the streets of his city, without the sun on his face and without his dirty shoes? That unfortunate event pushed us to shift our business model and to be the first ones to offer this innovative service: virtual experiences of our beloved country. We were as isolated as the rest of the world and we wanted to send you a message that YOU ARE NOT ALONE – WE ARE TOGETHER IN THIS AND WE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH. And why not have some fun along this new normal?

Our clients’ health and safety are our priority when it comes to any of our tours. Therefore, we developed different models of live virtual experiences such as: preparing traditional Bosnian coffee from the comfort of your home; playing Treasure Hunt or Balkan Puzzle with your family or friends; going on some of our interactive 360 live cultural tours with local guides. Are you planning to involve kids in our virtual experiences as well? Don’t worry – we got it covered! You can choose from a variety of options and enjoy a memorable afternoon with us.

Why Choose CulTour?

We are a group of local tour guides who stand for:

Sarajevo CulTour

Sarajevo is mostly known worldwide for 3 big events: the assassination that triggered World War I; the 1984 Winter Olympics and the Siege of Sarajevo in the 90s. Yet, to narrow the importance of this city to these 3 Es is such an underestimation.

Sarajevo has much more to offer. Instead of 3Es, the CulTour team envisions Sarajevo as 3Ms: a multicultural, multiethnic, and multiconfessional city. It is a place which links East and West, yet doesn’t quite belong to either. It is the Jerusalem of Europe – a city where church bells mix with a Muslim call for prayer.

It is a city of narrow, steep streets, good people, excellent coffee, and lots of hope in spite of all the tragic past. A journey to Sarajevo is not just a touristic visit – it is an eye-opening experience for everyone who wants to embrace it.

And who can show you all the hidden gems of Sarajevo better than local tour guides?